Basic Weight Loss Exercises

lose 20 poundsWith busy schedules at office a lot of people tend to complain the paucity of time to have a workout at the gym and end up with flab. However, there is no need to exercise everyday for two hours to make you lose weight and becoming fit. It is the cumulative effect of the exercise that matters and not the intensity. A session of fifteen minutes in a day should work wonders for you and by the turn of the year should bring in remarkable weight loss as long as you do not tend to overeat. Effective desk exercises bring about weight loss in you.


Stretching is an important exercise that flexes your muscles and prevents stiffness and helps body motion and prevents injuries.

Remain seated in the chair and keep your feet planted wide apart and stretch your arms, with the palms facing each other, over your head as far as possible. Keep your lower body fixed stretch your torso and touch the floor with steady breath. Remain in this position for about five seconds and regain your original position. Repeat this exercise five times.

Stretch your arms above you with the palms facing up and fingers interlocked. Bend to the right side and then to the left side and repeat the exercise five times for both the sides.

Muscle Toning

Stretching exercises prepare your body for action and cardiovascular and muscle toning exercises accelerate your weight loss. You can do a few muscle toning exercises at your office desk itself.Chair Dips is good for your upper body. Grip the edges of your chair and slide forward off your chair in the seated position, till your arms are straight. Next lower your body by a few inches and bend your elbows as you do it .Then hold onto the position and pull yourself up until your arms are straight once again. You can repeat this exercise around 8 to10 times.Chair Squats is good for your core muscles and lower torso, Chair squats is an easy and challenging exercise for you. Stand up in the front of your chair and keep your feet spaced at shoulder width. Next lower your body till your hip touches the chair. Hold on to this position for about 5 seconds, and then slowly raise yourself up without holding the chair for support. Repeat this exercise for about 8 to 10 times.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises will burn a lot of calories and brings in slimming even when it is done for a minute at a time. A little bit of space by our desk will suffice for exercises like a vigorous on the spot run or jumping jack. Alternately, stair climbing or a brisk walk around the office during the lunch break should help.

Regularly doing these exercises will make you stronger and energetic and helps with losing excess calories. Overall these exercises can be done at your work spot and help in shedding weight amidst your busy work schedule.