The Difference Between Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplements

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If you have found yourself confused about the differences between probiotic and prebiotic supplements, you are not alone. It was not that long ago that the benefits of probiotics were being widely touted in health magazines. Before long, a wide array of new food products containing probiotics were introduced onto the market. These foods, including yogurt, were said to be capable of providing innumerable health benefits, including improved digestive regularity, increased immune health and possibly even weight loss.

Recently; however, some questions have arisen regarding the true benefits of probiotics. There are even now questions regarding whether probiotics are safe to use. These concerns are all related to the differences that exist between probiotic and prebiotic supplements. Although the names might sound quite similar, these supplements are actually quite different.

Within the digestive system, there are two types of bacteria that exist. They are good bacteria and bad bacteria. Probiotics are the good bacteria that exist within the digestive tract. The idea behind probiotic supplements was to increase the levels of good bacteria in the intestines by ingesting them orally. Since probiotics do not exist naturally within any foods, it was necessary to establish an artificial process to create probiotics. This was done through a fermentation process. A natural probiotic cleanse from premium nutra cleanse vibe is a great way to start off a probiotic regimen

Prebiotics do exist naturally and can be found in a number of different types of foods such as raw Jerusalem artichokes, raw onions, unrefined wheat and barley, raw oats, soluble fiber and kiwifruit. In fact, kiwifruit are known to contain extremely large amounts of prebiotics and phenolics. Prebiotics are important to improved digestive and immune health because they encourage the production of good bacteria within the digestive tract while simultaneously eliminating bad bacteria. This is something that probiotics are not capable of doing. The fact that prebiotics are all-natural is another important benefit because there are no concerns related to the dangers associated with the fermentation process used to create synthetic probiotics.

PREbiotics are found naturally in foods, including:

* kiwifruit
* raw honey
* raw oats
* unrefined barley
* unrefined wheat
* raw Jerusalem artichokes
* raw onions
* soluble fiber
* many others

PREbiotics are demonstrated by many studies showing measurable proof that PREbiotic supplements & foods:

* increase immune performance
* improve mineral absorption
* balance digestive system and bowel pH
* positively affect inflammatory bowel disorders
* prevent and possibly stop early-stage colon cancer*
* reduce the incidence of allergies
* improve heart health

While you could try to consume enough prebiotic containing foods to achieve the same health benefits, this would be extremely difficult to do for many reasons. Primarily, you would need to consume a lot of such foods to attain the minimum level of prebiotics and phenolics. Additionally, there is the fact that the best benefits are contained in the skin of most prebiotic foods, such as kiwifruit. Since the skin is not appetizing or even edible, this presents a conundrum.

It is possible to achieve the health benefits you seek by taking the right prebiotic health supplements. When shopping for a high quality prebiotic health supplement, be sure to look for a product that contains not only prebiotics, but also soluble fiber, enzymes and phenolics. It is also important to look for a prebiotic supplement that is manufactured using a patented process that will not destroy those important elements.

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Pure Forskolin Supplement & Diet Pills

A lot of people all over the world struggle with weight loss, and while in an ideal world there would be ways to lose weight effortlessly, it is not likely that something like that would happen soon. What has happened however is the identification of some naturally occurring compounds due to increased scientific research in the area that aid greatly in the process of losing weight and help boost a person’s physical efforts.

Forskolin is one such substance that has caught the interest of the scientific community due to some unique properties exhibited by it.

What is Forskolin?

Pure forskolin extract is found in nature as a chemical extract from the roots of Plecanthus barbatus. This plant has a history of being used in advanced civilizations of the past in the treatment of a variety of ailments ranging from allergies, blood pressure control and even asthma.

In a sense Forskolin is being rediscovered by science as more and more evidence of its benefits pile up. It is a little premature to say this; however Forskolin might be the magic pill that everyone is looking for. Knowledge existed about its potential benefits, however it is now being realized that it is the main reason why the plant Plecanthus barbatus was showing health benefits.

Now, that it has been confirmed that this compound can be extracted, purified and packaged without a loss in properties, the possibilities of its use are endless.What role does Forskolin have in the process of fat loss?It is a well known fact that some people have a higher rate of metabolism than others. In simple words, there are some people who can eat as much as they want and they never seem to put on weight (high metabolism), while there are others who put on weight even if they stray from their diet just a little (slow metabolism).

It is this metabolic rate that decides how fast our body burns the calories we take in each day.

For weight loss, Forskolin increases the rate of metabolism in two significant ways. The first is providing a boost to it in the short term which helps a person lose weight and the other is to reset the bodies resting metabolic rate.

It is this second effect that is causing all the excitement. This means that people will be able to maintain their weight loss easier as they will continue to burn more calories even while they are at rest. This is the same effect that is seen in the body after a bout of intensive physical exercise.Now, these effects alone are enough for Forskolin to be taken seriously as a weight loss aid, however it still has one more ace up its sleeve. This is the promotion of lean muscle formation. As you work out, you want to see a change in physical appearance while getting healthier and losing weight too. This is what lean muscle helps you achieve.

It has the potential to help transform your physical appearance. In fact, nowadays most traning and work out programs are designed to help in the formation of lean muscle in the body.

Some advantages that Forskolin containing supplements have over others are:

It is completely natural. It exists in nature and is just being repackaged to make it easier for people to take.

It has the backing of the scientific community who have put the compound through its paces in controlled testing conditions.

No side effects whatsoever. All major scientific studies that were conducted on Forskolin came to this conclusion and declared it safe for use.Are there any drawbacks?It is always better to have a complete knowledge of any possible adverse effects that might be faced when taking this compound with a view to lose weight. The truth with this compound is that current knowledge shows no major drawbacks to using Forskolin. However, it should be kept in mind that there may be new revelations as scientific work continues.

An increase in testosterone is one thing that is seen in a few people taking Forskolin. While that may be desirable for males, it can have a few negative ramifications for the females. Whether this is enough to offset the natural testosterone balance that exists in females is being studied although is extremely unlikely.


We might never find the perfect weight loss supplement and some hard work will always be necessary. However as with any other thing, continuous scientific endeavor will provide us the necessary tools to make our work easier. Forskolin has the potential to be that boost that a lot of us could use.

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