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Here’s what you get.

* FREE credit reports and scores at all 3 bureaus. * 3 bureau credit monitoring.
* Identity theft protection. * Free public records report. * Free Identity theft insurance!

Make sure none of your balances are more than 79% against your high credit limit. Over 80% on balances will kill a solid credit score. Check your Totally FREE Credit Reports and look for old or unfamiliar files and dispute these. In the end you will get a phone number or address where you can ask forgiveness and pay. Ask for total removal and a letter saying so if you pay in full or extra. Not all bad credit can be removed or rebuilt, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

What do I say when asking a creditor to remove bad credit file?
Tell them “I had a hard time with a job, or a sickness, I paid the bill off in good faith, I’m a good person, now I am trying to buy a home and this entry is the only thing holding me back. Will you please, pretty please, remove this entry?” Remember they cannot pull up your credit to find out if indeed your telling the truth.

What if I have a unpaid collections account?
First try to contact the company and pay the bill. If you find the company and the bill, pay them off and ask the company to contact the bureaus and give you a letter Stating they have done so. You can use this letter as leverage if a bureau is having a tough time showing the record as paid

Why is my paid collection still showing on my credit file?
When you pay off a collection, the entry should show up as paid. BUT  the entry will remain on your credit file for 7 years unless the entity that had collection filed on you agrees to let the collection company delete the information. So collections still show up as collections EVEN after you pay. They just show paid and still hurt your score.

How do I get a paid collections account removed completely?
Wait for 7 years, or try to contact the entity the had you turned over to collections and ask them to prompt the collection agency to remove the entry. If you cannot find the record yourself by calling, then, chances are Experian Transunion and Equifax can’t either. So print the dispute form and send it to the appropriate bureau. If you can find the record beg the company to remove the record and send you a letter saying they have done so.

What am I trying to get from the creditor when I ask them to remove a file?
Try as hard as you can to get a letter saying account is paid in full, paid on time and in good standing. Use this letter to follow up on the creditors decision to remove your bad credit files.

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